Why do I need a Colour Consultant?

You probably visited the local paint store and felt overwhelmed by all the colours on offer - how many whites can there be!  There are 1,000's of colours to choose from but which one is right for your space?  Or you just can't find the exact colour you want in the range they have on offer.

Colour Consultants through colour theory take into account the undertones, the amount and direction of light that enters the room, and the effect that one colour has on another. They consider existing factors such as flooring, furniture, your style and the look you want to achieve.  Their uptodate knowledge of the latest trends and products and the psycological and emotional impact of colours are all taken into consideration when choosing colours for your project.

Colour helps define the entire look and feel of your home, and can even alter your mood. Colour designers are trained to help you avoid the confusion and choose a scheme that works in your space, enhancing the experience of living in your home. Having a colour consultation can save you money, time and effort.


How does it work?

We start with an onsite Initial Colour Consultation, which is then incoporated into a colour design plan for you to consider with two to three different colour scheme options.


Initial Colour Consultation $300.00

This consultation is designed for clients needing paint colour advice from scratch or building on the ideas they already have.

It is conducted onsite taking into consideration the surrounding environment, natural light, aspect, building features and era, any existing elements such as flooring and furniture.

It inclues:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Colour Palette Design
  • Large Format Sample Sourcing
  • Detail Paint Specification Report
  • Sourcing Speciality Paint Products


  Design Organisation do not have an allegiance with any one paint company

 This allows us to help you choose the best brands and colours for your project

 Brands specified by Design Organisation